“If you’re fortunate to learn Adobe’s applications from Dave Cross, you’ll find that he has an abundance of useful, applicable knowledge and a very approachable style.  Dave isn’t just a great instructor and speaker, he’s a genuinely good guy too.” 
Bryan O’Neil Hughes
Senior Product Manager, Photoshop

“We were not sure what to expect from having a certified Adobe instructor come on-site. Our experience was better than we could have imagined. Having Dave on-site allow him to witness the challenge we face daily.  Dave was able to give us tips, tricks, and best practices that immediately impacted our creativity and production. His one-on-one instruction with staff was invaluable; this was best training dollars we have ever spent.”
Jeff Bosworth | Zippo Manufacturing Company | Creative Services Manager

“WOW! I have wasted a lot of time that I didn’t have to. Dave demystified so many things for me [actions, styles, tool presents, apply image calculation, etc, etc.], and gave me new ammo for my arsenal. I got what I was hoping for and much more! I’m a huge fan of Dave Cross!”
J. Jimenez

“I really enjoy listening to Dave Cross; he is the guru for Photoshop and appreciate his wealth of knowledge of the program. I will come back many times to this course for either a refresher or catch another tid bit of Photoshop. Thanks for making this course available!”
CreativeLive student

“Excellent Course –  
Dave Cross never fails to impress and I am thoroughly enjoying working through his new Udemy courses. I have been following Dave for quite a few years on NAPP and good to see Dave is back on the air. I never come away from one of Dave’s videos without learning something new and useful. Dave is a first class presenter and trainer. Looking forward to more courses.”
Barge Lucie
udemy student

“Excellent teacher – Dave Cross is an exceptional teacher. Pay attention and you will learn from a true Master.”
James R. Clark
udemy student

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