One-on-one training

Although you can learning a lot from online classes, nothing beats hands-on training – especially when it’s just you and the instructor. I believe that one-on-one individualized training is the best option available, for two reasons. Number 1, you learn just the topics you want to learn: you don’t have to sit through a 2 – 3 day class if all you need to learn is layer masks. Number 2, you set the pace: you don’t have to feel like you’re moving really slowly because of other people in the class – or for that matter you can slow things down if you need to. When it is just you and the instructor, you pick the topic(s), you set the pace and tougher we agree on how long the training should last.

In general I suggest a 2 – 4 hour introductory session, along with one or more follow up sessions several days to a couple of weeks apart. That way you can go away and try what you’ve learned and then come back armed with whatever questions/problems you’ve encountered.

Call Dave for more information on individualized training. (And by the way, although it’s called “one-on-one” training, it can be 2 students from the same company/organization)

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