• Tips for attending Photoshop World

    Here’s an “old” blog post that’s still very relevant today: tips for attending Photoshop World. Before you go… 1. Make a plan of attack Pour...

  • Be Prepared…for Change

    Fair Warning: I’m going to get a little philosophical on you. This is not a blog post about improving your photography, advancing your career or making a...

  • Photoshop World PDF Planner

    For quite a few years now I’ve been creating a PDF form designed to help folks attending Photoshop World to choose their classes. With the...

  • Missing Adobe Link

    in my Valentine’s Day email, the link to the Adobe special was missing in action. Here;s what it should have looked like: Adobe Special Offers

  • Photoshop Smart Object Templates

    Here’s a basic (yet powerful) example of what you can do with Smart Object templates.