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  • On-site Corporate Training

    I am available to come to your location to provide customized training to your staff. This can include large group seminars, small group classes and...

  • CreativeLive Classes

    I have over 20 classes on CreativeLive, including stand-alone 1 hour classes, 2 day classes, 3 day classes and even a 30 Day class. Check...

  • My Photoshop DVD

    Check out my DVD from Photoshop Cafe: Non-Destructive Workflow in Photoshop

  • 3 Photoshop eBooks from Peachpit

      The Photoshop Productivity Series  Customizing Photoshop  Automating Photoshop  The Productive Workflow

  • Wacom Tablet class

    Join me on October 18th on CreativeLive for a class on using Wacom Tablets. Details